LVCC, Fairs and Networking

I had the immense pleasure of meeting and spending a couple of hours with Mich Turner of Little Venice Cake Company last week. She is certainly my cake god and just really makes everything seem sooooo easy. I visited the company’s head office in Manchester Mews which is very bijou and it was so good to see her cakes for real. Even the gold leaf one was there !! Check out the site

I enjoyed the Fair so much at Beaumont that I’ve signed up to do a couple more. Beaumont are having their own evening fair on the 23rd February to which I have been invited as their unique cake supplier, then on 26th February at Barnett Hill in Wonersh, Guildford, then on 11th March at Holiday Inn, Shepperton.

Networking seems to be the name of the game at the moment so I’ve set up a group on LinkedIn for anyone wanting to join a Wedding Services group. Hopefully we will all be able to help each other and make referrals without huge joining fees and the pressure of having to find a match as with lots of the these networking schemes. So anyone who is involved in the wonderful world of weddings – get in touch. When we have a sufficient number of people interested we can do a face to face session – all great fun.

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