Syon Park recommendation

I feel very priviledged to say that I am now on the Syon Park preferred vendors list. I had a very pleasant meeting with Beccy and her banqueting team at Syon House last year in the hope of working with them one day.

Syon House is a beautiful 400 year old, stately home still belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, and you really get the feel that the place is still loved and looked after – check it out : This is the sort of venue I would love to get married from and one of those special old english places where you can feel the heritage in the air! The cows in the field opposite and Kew Gardens across the river. So many venues these days are bland and boring and throwing money at them in the form of flowers, decorations etc etc is the only way to make them look anywhere near attractive, places like Syon don’t need that.

The venue for weddings is the Great Hall and the Conservatory which are both stunning – the place is very picturesque and the photos from previous weddings would make any bride and groom’s day.

I’m really looking forward to doing some work with Syon and to have MY cakes there! They will be having an Open Day which will be an opportunity for me to showcase some of my cakes.