White Roses at Beaumont Chapel

Weddings at Beaumont House

All getting very busy at the moment – surrounded by pink and white roses – so everywhere looking very pretty at least!

Two lovely weddings for two very lovely ladies coming up soon at Beaumont House Hotel, Old Windsor. The hotel is a fabulous venue.

Visit their website www.beaumonthousewindsor.co.uk

Three weddings in two weeks – all roses and so pretty – the chapel is such a beautiful place to have a reception

09.12.11 getting organised for my first Wedding Fair at Beaumont on the 8th January. Quite excited about what I should have on my stand. Its going to be a cross between what are the most popular cakes and new things I want to show off on the table.

Just had a beautiful picturebook published which has most of my recent cakes in it – its very pretty and well published. Hope there aren’t too many grubby fingers looking at it.

Did a delicate pink cascade cake at the weekend for a very appreciative bride. I know she had a superb day at Beaumont – its lovely to meet the bride for me – with the wonderful world of technology I don’t always get to know who is the recipient but Mrs A was worth all the hours of heartache and sleepless nights over a particular part of her cake ! She knows what I mean, but we ended up with the ivory and pink cascade.

For me then it was a quick turnaround to the white cigarillo and gerbera stack at Ashford. Special diabetic recipe for 7 guests ! Gerberas with a little bit of bling.