The Delight of Christening Cakes



The fact that people are still getting their children christened is very gratifying to me personally and baking a cake to celebrate the event gives me particular pleasure. As with the making of any celebration cake, the contents of ingredients require careful scrutiny. for instance, icing sugar will always contain a percentage of cornflour. When using an inferior brand most of it disappears into the air, leaving a fine dust all over the surfaces – indicating a disproportionate amount of cornflour. The choice of icing sugar is therefore very important.  There is no requirement in law for the precise ingredients to be described on the packaging so, over the years, I have learned which brand is best through trial and error.

Whilst on the subject of ingredients it’s important to recognise that eggs also vary enormously in quality and suitability. I personally source free range eggs from my local farm which I pass when on my early morning walk with my inquisitive dog, Jasper. The eggs themselves have dark yokes and hard shells. They are fresh daily and really make a difference both to the texture and taste.These eggs give the cakes a light fluffy quality and their freshness adds to the raising agent  properties to make them like your grandmother’s homemade cakes used to taste.