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Wedding Fair Season is Here

If you are undecided or in search of inspiration, a wedding fair may be just the thing to focus your mind on the wide-ranging possibilities for your special day. For my part, I am passionate about cakes and equally passionate that every cake should make an unforgettable addition to the wedding breakfast.  Sure, it’s my business, but my real satisfaction derives from the pleasure my work brings to the couple’s special occasion. As a frequent exhibitor of cakes at wedding fairs, I can see the same enthusiasm amongst my fellow exhibitors all of whom are pleased to advise on ideas for theme, colour, flowers, entertainment, venue, fireworks, photographer, stationer and the like.

The wedding fair can be very big with several different contributors presenting similar products; or a more intimate occasion with one exhibitor for each commodity. Both have their pros and cons.

As the potential client, and to derive maximum benefit from your visit, you should be unafraid to say exactly what you expect and provide the exhibitor with all relevant detail.  If you have sample swatches for colour or texture comparison, this will always help.  People do see colours differently; or their interpretation of colour may be different.  I, for example, have had problems with the colour ‘teal’; some see it as green whilst others see it as blue. Computers are not always compatible with their colour settings either, so make sure you have a swatch if at all possible.

Tip of the Week:

We are entering the wedding fair season and a visit should make your creative juices flow. The various exhibitors have plenty of experience and will be very pleased to answer all the questions put to them. You will be under no obligation and should take time to make your decisions.  After all, it’ll be your very special day. Where possible be sure you go to the fair with a friend or loved one who will be involved in the wedding and be respectful of your wishes. There are so many things for you to think about and a fair should help formulate your ideas not overwhelm you.