Cakes for Men

So, a man in your life has a celebration coming up? However difficult it may be to think of a theme for a man, his appreciation that thought has been given to his particular hobby or pastime will make the effort very worthwhile.


For inspiration, a selection of cakes for men may be found on the Timeless website. Illustrated themes include golf, cars, gardening, music, rugby. These days, more than ever, people are always complaining about how busy they are; but full working lives shouldn’t preclude hobbies and pastimes, where time is put aside to reflect, relax and have fun. Gardening and golf seem to be popular themes for men and I’ve done a few of these now. Consulting with the client, for example over the detail of a particular vegetable or the colour of a golfing item can be incorporated to make the cake personal to the recipient – not just another gardening or golf cake. Of course there are all the football, rugby and other sports logos and badges which may also be replicated. Whatever his hobby or pastime is or was, – he will be very touched to have his own cake for his special day.


Tip of the Week:


When choosing a cake with a theme, research the recipient’s preferences to discover, for example, his favourite team, what colour is his golfing bag, what instrument he plays or enjoys etc. The choice is only limited by your imagination. You are paying for a bespoke cake, so make it as unique as the person to whom you will be presenting it. He will love it and, most importantly, that you have taken the time to think about him too.