Wedgwood blue cupid

Wedgwood Blue Wedding Cake

Choice, as with nearly everything associated with weddings, is not limited to the wide range of venues available; any more than it is for the preferred wording of marriage vows. It’s not surprising then, that our choices increasingly challenge the concept of the traditional wedding cake.


This week I was asked to make a Wedgwood Blue themed cake and  I was delighted to do something so colourful. Research was required into the colour and I spoke to lots of different people about their interpretation of the colour ‘Wedgwood’. Since the creation of Wedgwood in 1759 the colour has changed several times but the modern neo-classical style jasperware still incorporates the original motifs. This would appear to explain why so many opinions differ as to the colour, but are unanimous as to the white motif design. Eventually my client produced a 1930s vase he had been given which I matched for the cake. Swags, cupids and bows were also part of the theme and were incorporated into the cake side designs.


Tip of the Week:

Your wedding cake is the visual centrepiece at your celebration and its cutting an important part of the ceremonial proceedings if only because its the first act you will carry out as a married couple. The cake should reflect your tastes, personalities, and above all, the theme of your celebration. Speak to Timeless to make sure that all your ideas are incorporated into the cake so as to reflect your’s and your spouse’s preferences